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A medical for the Private License must be taken from a Transport Canada Approved Doctor. For the Recreational Permit, a medical authorization from your family doctor will do. It is recommended that the medical should be taken before your training begins to ascertain you meet the medical standards. Your approved medical must be received before your instructor can let you fly solo. If you wear glasses, take a copy of your latest eyeglass prescription to the medical examiner.

NOTE: Please make sure that the name on your medical is EXACTLY the same as on your birth certificate, passport or visa!

If you are from the Estevan area:
Dr. Tsoi 306-634-6444

If you are from other than the local area:
Go to this site on the internet to select the country where you wish to get a Canadian Aviation Medical from your local doctor.

Next, you may select the city or all to find where the nearest aviation medical examiner is practicing.

It is recommended that you do your Canadian Aviation Medical prior to commencing training to ascertain you meet the medical standards. Once completed, a medical certificate will be sent to your home address. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to be processed. No solo flights will be authorized until you have received your Aviation Medical Certificate.


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