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Southeast Aviation was founded and is owned by three pilots who also own airplanes.

Our aim is to raise the profile of aviation in our province by offering superior training, services and equipment.

Estevan airport is a wonderful place to learn how to fly as we have 2 paved runways, one (08-26) laying east and west, and the other (15-33) oriented in a northwest/southeast direction meaning that the trainee pilot will always have a runway that is favourable to the wind and not have to deal with severe crosswinds.

As well, our terrain offers no trees or lakes in the immediate vicinity of the airport meaning that the new pilot will not be distracted by these kinds of things.

Our hangar is heated, so in the winter you will be climbing into a warm airplane and not dealing with frost or ice conditions in your walkaround.

Estevan is a vibrant, thriving community in Southeast Saskatchewan with a great Leisure Center offering workout facilities, a multi use swimming pool and squash courts. We have 2 golf courses, a wonderful hospital and a wide range of retail stores including Wal Mart and Canadian Tire.

The community also has a motorsports complex with one of the best dirt track facilities in North America, motocross track and a drag strip under way.

We have several hotels with 2 more under construction, and 3 campgrounds offering many choices should you require accommodations.

Doug Reetz is our CFI (Chief Flight Instructor)

Doug has extensive experience including single and multi engine aircraft. Doug is also the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and services all of the neighboring general aviation aircraft.

Cessna 172 K model, 160 H.P. G.P.S equipped and always started inside for ready for flying winter or summer.



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