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Converting Licenses

To find out what credit is given in Canada for a License or Rating acquired outside of Canada, go to the following link to the Transport Canada “Canadian Aviation Regulations” website:

Click on the License or Rating that you wish to convert i.e. 421.26 Private Pilot License – Aeroplane. Move down to “Credits” and then to “Credits for Foreign Applicants”. This section will tell you what you will get credit for with a foreign license or rating.
If you would like information on converting licenses in plain Engish steps, go to the above Transport Canada website and click "Search". Type in "foreign applicants" and enter. Then click on "1. Foreign Applicants - Flight Crew Licensing - General Aviation". This will give you the steps and requirements to convert most foreign licenses.
Southeast Aviation Services will help you with the clarification of the regulations but the final interpretation is done by Transport Canada. Our nearest Transport Canada office is in Winnipeg. The phone number is 1-204-983-4341 if you need more information. When you arrive in Canada you will have to show Transport Canada the certified log book, your medical and the license and rating you wish to convert.
To convert any Rating like a Multi or Instrument Rating, you must have a Canadian License to attach the rating to. For instance, you must have a Canadian Private or Commercial License to add a Multi Engine Rating to it.


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